Cerita singkat dalam bahasa inggris (story of school)

This time I want to talk in english version, may also be made ​​examples of short stories or short stories in English.

This time includes the story itself, I’m sorry if there are less clear wording.

Three years I sat in a chair vocational school, pursue their studies and education. From the beginning I entered first grade until now will be over. Is there a science that I save for my future and the future of the state and nation?

I never dreamed would occupy the space of this class, I was a child who comes away from the city, I was a child that is not trendy. Language style was different. That’s why I often ostracized by friends, always be a material expense of friends and their jokes.

But I always try to be the best for teachers and my friends.

If I recall the past it seemed sad.

Year after year I attempted to adjust the environment, sometimes I want to give up and go back to my hometown. Ohh no! This is the mandate of my mother, my mother told me to go to school here.

I’m trying to achieve as much as possible, although not optimal because it has been far from the mother, not the person who set up my life, set up my bed, my study schedule. oh no. hmmm

Step by step I went through, trying to make friends with a good beat and although many still. I fear all around me, seemed to be in the wilderness.

But I keep the spirit. A raging spirit, always convince myself to keep the spirit.

end of year 3 new I feel relieved, I’d be a lot of knowledge about schools and education environments. I continue to develop, they finally came and asked for an answer when the exam.

Not the separation that makes me sad, but the struggle was the one who shed tears.

Thank God I’m better now than they ever insult me​​.

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